2 YEARS USA MULTIPLE VISA Single applicant Family applicants Family package (father, mother and maximum of children under 25years) It can also be just father or mother with the children We provide all documentation for USA ‎No upfront payment except for #90,000 commitment fees,...

Work & Live in CANADA

CANADA PACKAGE When it comes to moving to Canada under our Employment program, selection is based on the applicants Skill and Experience, and if the applicant has no or less experience we can still assist them, there will be a job training on arrival...

Canada AIPP

Canada AIPP ( Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program) Still finding it difficult moving to Canada? Canadian governments are creating different f immigration programs that will attract Thousands of people into Canada yearly; one of the new programs is known as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program....

Italy, France, Spain e.t.c.

Shengen-italy, France, Spain, Slovenian. ₦350,000, client are to provide bank statements by themselves. Special need for statements is ₦100,000.

Dubai Package

Dubai 3month VISA ₦350,000, Ticket Exclusive 2yrs direct employment ₦950,000 Ticket Inclusive

Oman Employments

Oman Employments Oman direct employment for female ₦700,000 including ticket for male #850,000 including ticket But if they no want tickets ₦500,000